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Makgadikgadi pans, Makgadikgadi pans, Makgadikgadi Pans, 0000, Botswana

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Tour description


A suitable well cared for horse will be chosen from a stable of some 20 horses made up of cross breeds which include Shire/TB, Boerperd/TB, Friesian/BP, Arab crosses, Quarter horse crosses. They range in size from 14.3h to 16.2h.

Riding Experience

Guests should have some riding experience and feel competent at ALL paces and confident of keeping up with the pace of the group. You will be required to be riding fit and in good health in order to enjoy the experience as long days (up to 7 hours) are spent in the saddle. A riding questionnaire will be required to be completed at the time of the booking.

Weight Limit

There is a maximum weight limit of 95 kgs (in full riding gear) for each rider. Heavier experienced riders over this limit may be accepted but at the discretion of the company.

Age Limit

On our Set Date Departure itineraries we require children to be over 12 years of age. On our Private Safaris we welcome younger riders of all ages if they are confident and competent and willing to spend long days in the saddle. All children should be accompanied by their parents / guardian. The company holds the right to assess whether younger riders may have to travel with an accompanying vehicle should they be unable to keep up with the group during the course of the safari.

Group Size

Group size is limited to 8 but private groups of up to 12 will be considered.

Single Supplement

The single supplement will be waived provided guests are willing to share accommodation with a guest of the same gender.

Non Riders

Non riders can accompany the safari but they will be required to pay for a private vehicle and guide.

Hard Hats & Tack

Adults riding without helmets do so at their own risk and the company cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained.

There is a choice of well fitted English (Wintec) saddles and trail saddles. Each saddle has specially designed holders to carry 2 water bottles per rider. Guests are welcome to bring their own personal seat saver of choice.


All rides will be led by a professional experienced guide who will be armed. He will be accompanied by an assistant back up guide. Both guides will be up to date on their first aid training and will carry a basic first aid kit and handheld radio in the event of an emergency.


When the pans are dry the surface is firm and ideal for long fast canters. When the pans are wet the extensive adjoining grasslands with their network of wildlife paths offer wonderful ground for great riding. Ride through the “land of a thousand islands”, stranded on the ancient lakebed, these sand dunes covered in palm trees are one of the most beautiful and fascinating areas of the Botswana wilderness. Take a long ride to Xau Xai Fly Camp, the journey takes us away from the edge of the Pans and through the mopane and acacia woodlands interspersed with short grasslands allowing for lovely long, relaxed canters. Whilst the area is rich in birds of prey, bustards, korhaans and numerous other unusual dry woodland bird species. The last leg of the safari takes us straight out into the middle of the Salt Pans, and eventually all that can be seen is the vast flatness stretching in every direction. There is not one visual landmark to be seen and one swiftly loses one’s sense of perspective. Incredible scenery, memorable wildlife encounters and above all superb riding!


On our Set Date Departure itinerary we spend on the saddle between 4-7 hours each day. The longest days will be when the safari traverses between Camp Kalahari and Xau Xai fly camp. The distance covered on those days will be up to 35 km. On a private horse riding safari from Jack’s Camp, San Camp and Camp Kalahari distances can be agreed upon with the Guide.








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